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There are many ways to get involved and help the children at Zanmi Beni!

The Zanmi Beni Spring Fair at Ransom Everglades Middle School in Coconut Grove on April 14th, 2019. Photo by Zanmi Beni Staff


Friends: Chris and Dieuverson

Here are just a few ideas!

  • Join our “Friending” Program and plan a visit to Zanmi Beni to meet the child you have friended. Many people have developed a special friendship with a child living at Zanmi Beni and help to provide for the cost of feeding and clothing a child for one calendar year. For $1,500 a year, you can be a part of our “Friending” program. Just go to the “Meet the Children” section of this website and select the child you would like to friend and fill out the form below. We will send you updates on your child’s progress, accomplishments and ways you might help. We will also invite you to meet the child you have so generously friended and spend the day at Zanmi Beni. This is always a special trip!
  • Help with school tuition, medical and dental care, sports and activities. Your gift can make a big difference in the life of a child.  Here are some ways you might offer support:
    • Medical & Dental Care $1,000 per year, per child
    • School Tuition $500 per year, per child
    • Therapeutic Services $400 per year, per child
    • Sports Program $250 per year, per child
    • Music Program (instruments, choir uniforms) $150 per year, per child
    • Arts & Crafts Supplies $100 per year, per child
    • Laundry & Building & Grounds Maintenance $50 per month, per child
  • Give a gift in honor of or in memory of someone special. A gift to Zanmi Beni makes a wonderful birthday, holiday gift or memorial gift.  There is no nicer way to honor or remember someone you care about than giving a gift in their honor to a worthy cause.We will send an acknowledgement to the person you are honoring or to the family of your generosity and thoughtfulness.
  • Start a “Friends of Zanmi Beni” Group in your community
  • Hold a special event to raise funds for one of our key projects or to fund something on our wish list
  • Share the ZB story with your friends and family and encourage them to make a donation to ZB for your birthday or holiday gift…after all, we all have everything we need and the joy of helping a child is the best present ever
  • ZB-AmazonSmileAmazon will donate a portion of your purchase price to Zami Beni. For more information about the Amazon Smiles program go to

We are available to assist you with any of the above or other ideas you may have…
Please contact us at

“As the gates open outside the dirt road in Port-au-Prince a beautiful walkway lined with palm fronds and banana trees leaves gives you a nirvana typed feeling that you have arrived in a special place. We had indeed. Zanmi Beni is a special place -from the landscape to the love of those living and assisting the children; there is a delightful feeling of peace, serenity and lots of love and laughter. In a country that has struggled and children that have seen impactful loss at a tender age, it was wonderful to see the smiles and love on every child’s face.

You can’t help but melt and feel a sense of pride and joy that you are helping support the magic that surrounds Zanmi Beni. My sister and I share in friending a young boy named Roudy. Our visits have spread our pocketbook to support other young adults in any way we can. Friending a child is easy and takes little effort but the outcome of your dollars spreads wide and far to give these young people a chance for a peaceful and loving childhood they so deserve.”

– With love and support of ZB | Caron and Lisa Cole[/message]

“Gulliver Academy’s Eight Grade International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IBMYP) classes have been helping Zanmi Beni since its creation. Our students conduct yearly drives of needed supplies for the organization. This experience of helping our Haitian neighbors enriches the lives of our students as it provides them with an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Zanmi Beni is a wonderful place and we, at Gulliver, are honored to help it thrive.”

– Maria G. Gonzalez | 8th Grade English | English Department Head | IBMYP Curriculum Coordinator | NJHS Advisor | Gulliver Schools