Fish Farming


Zanmi Beni has the largest and most sophisticated fish raising facilities in Haiti.

  • A commercial tilapia fish farm
  • A fish processing plant

Located just behind the Kay Luella Rose dormitory, our state-of-the art tilapia fish farming enterprise operates with a system comprised of:

  • Two large grow out tanks called “aqua cells” that can produce up to 25,000 lbs. of tilapia every six months with a potential yearly crop of 100,000 pounds.
  • Four large breeding tanks where the adult tilapia produces hundreds of thousands of baby tilapia per month, which are then collected at less than a week of age.
  • Eighteen nursery tanks where the baby tilapia are collected and distributed through the nursery tanks to grow into a two inch long “fingerling” which is then ready to be sold to be stocked in lakes, rivers, partner ponds throughout Haiti.

Our tilapia fish are fed a high quality organic food that creates a protein rich food source for the children at Zamni Beni.  We supply all the tilapia to the restaurant we operate on our property, and sell raw fish to the local community.  We sell fingerlings to assist aspiring fish farmers in the country.

Our fish processing plant cleans, guts and cuts the fish to prepare for cooking use and sales.