Who We Are


Located in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti, Zanmi Beni is a residential community for 64 abandoned and vulnerable children, half of whom have physical or mental disabilities. Zanmi Beni is a program of Partners In Health and Zanmi Lasante, managed in partnership with Operation Blessing International. It is funded by private donations from individuals and foundations.

Our mission is twofold:

  • First, to offer a comprehensive and inclusive program where each child entrusted to our care is given the opportunity and support necessary to reach his or her full potential in a safe, stable, and loving environment.
  • Second, to share our expertise and experience with the Haitian community and other organizations throughout Haiti that provide care for vulnerable and disabled children by actively supporting the development of high quality programs and services, providing technical assistance when needed, and offering support to the families of children with disabilities.


  1. We believe caring for vulnerable children is our moral responsibility, and that all children are entitled to live with dignity and access to the goods and services that make human flourishing possible.
  2. We believe in an inclusive, family-based care model where in which each child is known and loved for who they uniquely are and each child has the opportunity to form long-term, loving relationships with adults and their peers.
  3. We strive to maintain a focus on gender equity and to create an atmosphere where tolerance, dignity, respect, and love prevail.
  4. We practice the “accompaniment” model by providing permanent access to food, shelter, medical services, education and companionship.
  5. We promote a positive view of disability in which each child is recognized as a person with rights and has access to full inclusion in all of life’s major activities.
  6. We are committed to developing on-site programs that will help to create sustainability by generating income and offer opportunities for self-sufficiency through job training and employment for the Zanmi Beni residents and staff.
  7. We believe in developing long-term partnerships with the local government, the private sector, and committed individuals to support the implementation of our mission.