Meet the Children
Sherika IMG_4500 "Friending Sherika was more than a desire, it was a calling from something greater than me. Spending time with her, seeing her huge smile and pure joy for life, gives me hope. The love, safety and happiness she receives from Zamni Beni shine through her; I am honored to be a part of it."- CAROLYN BORLENGHI HARRIS | MIAMI, FL DONATE NOW 


Alicia is shy with a beautiful smile. Although Alicia has hydrocephalus, is blind and does not communicate verbally, she is healthy and thriving. She is a favorite of the Zanmi Beni caregivers.


Andrecia has been a patient of Zanmi Lasante for many years and had mitral valve replacement surgery in 2008 and aortic valve replacement surgery in 2013 in Miami. She is now healthy and thriving and a top student at school. Andrecia is a typical teenager who enjoys music, dancing and singing.


When Betty arrived at Zanmi Beni after the 2010 earthquake she was severely malnourished and did not speak or smile. Betty is now healthy and happy and attends school in the neighborhood. With an extremely vivacious personality, she loves to organize activities and is a leader among her peers.


Left without parents or family after the 2010 earthquake, Carlos came to live at Zanmi Beni. When he arrived, he organized a library for the children. He is smart, computer savvy and loves to read. Carlos is attending and excelling at school and works in the Zanmi Beni Bakery, Boulanjri Beni.


Chrisley is a happy and healthy little boy. He loves music and dancing and playing with a soccer ball and has a captivating smile.


Christopher is the youngest member of the Zanmi Beni family. Abandoned a few months after his birth, he is a healthy, happy, playful toddler. Christopher has found a loving, stable home at Zanmi Beni and brings joy to all around him.


Claudia has physical and developmental disabilities. She is unable to communicate verbally and uses a wheelchair. Since arriving at Zanmi Beni, Claudia is now able to walk with assistance. She has a sweet disposition and an infectious laugh.

David Moise

David Moise uses a wheelchair and has developmental and intellectual disabilities. He is friendly and enjoys the companionship of others around him.


Davidson is known for his friendly disposition and his kindness and compassion for others. Davidson attends school, loves to read and play with his Zanmi Beni brothers and sisters.


When Dieuverson arrived at Zanmi Beni he was malnourished, very unhappy and withdrawn. Today Dieuverson is healthy, happy and loves to participate in group activities. He has grown to be one of the tallest and strongest children at the center.


Although Dorestan does not speak, he communicates with eye contact and gestures and engages well with staff and visitors. He loves music and dancing. His effervescent personality is very contagious.


Esmane and his two sisters Johanne and Shelia came to live at Zanmi Beni when their father, who worked at the center, died unexpectedly leaving the children without parents. Esmane attends school; he is smart and loves to read, draw and play basketball. He enjoys keeping in touch with visitors on Facebook.


Frachette arrived at Zanmi Beni in 2012. Frachette has both developmental and intellectual disabilities and uses a wheelchair. She has adapted well to her new home, gained weight, and has improved overall in her health status.


Geraldine has physical and developmental disabilities. She does not communicate verbally, and uses a wheelchair. Geraldine cooperates easily with her caregivers.


Gilbert has physical and intellectual disabilities and uses a wheelchair. When Gilbert came to Zanmi Beni, he was shy and withdrawn; now he is learning to walk with assistance. He is very happy sitting outside under a tree with his friends.


Gisele is a young lady with an engaging personality who likes to be involved in all Zanmi Beni activities. Gisele has both physical and verbal limitations, so she is home schooled. She loves to “hip-hop” dance and likes to have fun with her brothers and sisters and visitors to Zanmi Beni.


Isabelle has developmental and intellectual disabilities. Isabel is a sweet child who communicates with others through smiles and gestures. She uses a wheelchair and since coming to Zanmi Beni her health has greatly improved. She is loved by all.


James is healthy and playful and is attending school. He likes music, drawing, and reading and has a witty personality. He is a rough-and-tumble boy who likes to play hard, but follows the rules well.


Johanne is a happy, healthy young woman. She is one of the oldest at Zanmi Beni. She and her brother Esmane and sister Sheila are without parents since the unexpected death of their father who was a valued staff member at Zanmi Beni. Johanne attends school and loves music and dancing. Many of the younger girls look up to her.


Johny has epilepsy and is unable to communicate. He is very active and loves to run around the Zanmi Beni campus. He is learning to interact positively with his brothers and sisters.


Julien has epilepsy and intellectual disabilities. Julien uses a wheelchair but is learning to walk with assistance. He is shy and prefers to spend time alone. He is very cooperative and follows instructions well.


Karl is a happy, adorable young boy who has bilateral clubbed feet and is unable to walk. However, this does not stop Karl from scooting around Zanmi Beni. He loves to play soccer, swim and interact with his brothers and sisters. He is very affectionate and loves to be held. Currently, Karl is in Canada having corrective surgery at the Shriners Hospital.


Laurent is a healthy, happy child who loves to dance and play with balls of any kind.Laurent has a sweet, warm disposition, a heart-melting smile, and enjoys playing with the other children.


Lovely has an engaging personality and loves attention. She has intellectual and physical disabilities and is unable to communicate verbally - but does so with her beautiful smile, happy laugh, and warm and loving personality. Lovely uses a wheelchair and staff members provide assistance with eating, dressing and all other daily life activities.


Lucie has developmental and intellectual disabilities, in unable to communicate verbally, and uses a wheelchair. She likes attention, laughs often, but let's others know when she is unhappy. Lucie connects with others by way of her very expressive eyes.


One of the newest members of Zanmi Beni, Marco is withdrawn and shy. He is a sweet and affectionate child. The staff sees his "coming out of his shell" as he gets used to his new home and gets to know the other children.


Marcus is a rambunctious young boy. At school he is a hard worker who loves to draw. Marcus has energy to spare with lots of enthusiasm for both work and play.


Marken is a very quiet boy with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Marken uses a wheelchair and does not communicate verbally. Staff help Marken with daily activities like eating, dressing and bathing.


Martine has intellectual disabilities and was severely malnourished when she arrived at Zanmi Beni. She is now at a healthy weight and is thriving. Martin uses a wheelchair but is learning to walk with assistance. She loves posing for pictures and is known for her beautiful smile and happy personality.


Although Merline is developmentally disabled and not able to communicate verbally, she is a sweet child that loves attention. Born with bilateral clubbed feet, she has undergone surgery and physical therapy in the hopes that she can learn to walk. Merline loves to be held and is very affectionate.


Michara came to Zanmi Beni in 2012. Michara has physical and developmental disabilities and uses a wheelchair. She is quiet and is not able to communicate verbally.


Mika is one of the youngest children at Zanmi Beni. She is very loving and affectionate, has a great smile and loves giving hugs to others. She started school last year and feels so grown up when she gets on the bus with the other children.


Milly is an adorable child. She has physical and developmental disabilities, is unable to communicate verbally and uses a wheelchair. The staff says that Milly has the biggest heart at Zanmi Beni because of her sunny disposition and her smile.


With parents unable to care for her, Minerva came to live at Zanmi Beni with a staff member who had welcomed her into her home. Minerva is a pleasure to be around and acts as a big sister to the younger children. She attends school and enjoys art projects.


Nadege’s parents were unable to care for her so a staff member has been caring for her since she was a child. Nadege is one of the older girls and is very helpful with the younger children. She attends school and has a very pleasant personality. She is a great asset to the Zanmi Beni community.


Nephtalie is a sweet, loving girl. She has physical disabilities and uses a wheelchair. She is eager to learn but local schools cannot accommodate her wheelchair and therefore she is unable to attend school. Instead she is home-schooled. Nephatlie is very artistic, loves to draw and make jewelry. She always has a smile on her face and she pays attention to everything that is happening at Zanmi Beni!


Nicole is a lively child that laughs with great joy, and likes to be the boss. She loves to dance and play with others and her vocabulary is growing every day. She is a happy, healthy, typically developing child who is content to play alone or with others.


Ogeline was abandoned at Port-au-Prince’s general hospital and now calls Zanmi Beni home. She enjoys school and playing with others. She is a hard worker, very curious and also easy going and friendly. Without a doubt Ogeline is the leader of her age group.

Pascal (the older)

Pascal has developmental and intellectual disabilities. He does not communicate verbally and uses a wheelchair. He is most comfortable reclining in bed.

Pascal (the younger)

Pascal is intellectually and physically disabled and is unable to communicate verbally. He does not engage with or respond to others. He uses a wheelchair and caregivers assist Pascal with all his daily living needs.


Patrick is a very special person. He is quite social, loves to give tours of Zanmi Beni,and socialize with visitors. He has cerebral palsy and is also deaf. Although he is unable to communicate with words, he communicates extremely well with gestures, his eyes, and his heart. He is very helpful and takes his chores around ZB very seriously. Patrick is known as the “mayor” of Zanmi Beni.


Peter is your typical teenage boy. He joined Zanmi Beni in 2013. He attends school and is still adjusting to his new home at Zanmi Beni.


Peterson is a sensitive child who enjoys playing with others. Before coming to live at Zanmi Beni Peterson was abandoned at the Port-au-Price general hospital and was severely malnourished. While once a child who often cried, he is now healthy, happy and very social.


Rene is a rambunctious child who shows for great aptitude for learning. He attends school where he enjoys new challenges. Malnourished when he arrived at Zanmi Beni, Rene is now healthy, walking, talking and growing at a fast pace. He has a delightful personality and is a natural clown.


Rose Marie is a newcomer to Zanmi Beni. She is intellectually disabled and requires supports to address challenging behavioral issues. She loves music and will dance for hours on end.


Roudy was brought to live at Zanmi Beni is 2012 at the request of the Haitian Government. Roudy was homeless and was living alone. Now, happy to call Zanmi Beni his home, he is home-schooled, loves to do his chores and help the younger children.


Saintemene is a success story of Operation Smile. She came to live at Zanmi Beni through a staff member who agreed to raise her when her mother could no longer care for her. Saintemene enjoys school and helping with the younger children.


One of Zanmi Beni’s youngest residents, Samuel is a friendly, loving child who engages others with his big smile. Samuel was abandoned as a newborn and Zanmi Beni is the only home he has ever known. This year he started preschool.


Sandy is an outgoing girl, in spite of her inability to communicate verbally. She uses a wheelchair and has physical and intellectual disabilities as well as alopecia, a condition that prevents hair growth. Sandy loves attention and enjoys playing with others.


Sebastien is an active little boy that has rebounded from severe malnutrition and hand surgery to correct congenital disabilities. Described as a sweetheart, Sebastien is healthy and progressing well.


Sheila is a beautiful young lady, who lives at Zanmi Beni with her brother Esmane and sister Johanne. Although Sheila attends school, she finds her studies tedious and difficult, and she would tell you that she prefers dancing to studying. She aspires to be a model and is a very talented artist.


Sherika has developmental and physical disabilities and uses a wheelchair. She is a happy child with a sweet disposition who laughs and smiles often. She loves to play and to be around people, engaging others with her infectious smile.


When Steff arrived at Zanmi Beni he was so severely malnourished that he could not walk or talk. An affectionate child, Steff is now thriving at school. He loves to dance and play soccer.


Stephane has lots of energy and curiosity. He attends school, and enjoys being with the other children. Stephane has a great sense of humor and loves to help others but also enjoys quiet time alone.

Tijoe (or Joseph)

Tijoe (little Joseph) was found underneath the rubble of the 2010 earthquake. He has a lazy eye that causes occasional double vision. He is a very smart, curious boy who loves sports and excels at academics.


Tommy is a sweet boy who has severe epilepsy, developmental disabilities, and uses a wheelchair. Caregivers help Tommy with all aspects of his life. He has an endearing smile and everyone loves him and looks out for him.


Wadley is an adorable boy who has developmental disabilities. He uses a wheelchair and is unable to communicate with words, but his eyes and infectious laugh says it all. He literally lights up a room drawing people to him.


Wendy is an older teenage boy, who came to live at Zanmi Beni in 2013. He is very helpful and has a calm, pleasant disposition. He attends school and loves to play basketball.


Yveline is a feisty child who overcame severe malnutrition after the 2010 earthquake.She is headstrong and loves to dance. Yveline excels at school and is an intense, eager learner.