Our Campus

Our mission is to offer a comprehensive and inclusive program where each child entrusted to our care is given the opportunity and support necessary to reach his or her full potential in a safe, stable and loving environment.

We are proud of our beautiful and safe campus and the many opportunities it provides for the ZB family, and are continually adding and upgrading our facilities to further enhance our programs.

Grateful thanks to our many friends and donors who have helped to build our campus.

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Made possible by gifts from Joey Adler and OneXOne, Richard Lanuzzi and the New York State United Teachers Union, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), and Duncan and Mary Dee and Air Canada, and the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Social Justice and Human Rights.

The Arts Center

The Arts Center is used for by the children for a variety of activities including painting, arts and crafts, music, storytelling, and special programs such as visiting artists and musicians. It is also used as a gathering place for visitors and meetings and has two guest bedrooms, each with a private bath.



IMG_1200 Esmane, computers copyThe Library Building

Located in the center of the campus, this all-purpose space houses the nurse’s station, ZB offices, and a large library.  Our children receive physical and occupational therapies and tutoring in this building, and we also use this space for meals when welcoming groups to our campus.

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Made possible by a gift from Jennie Weiss Block, OP in honor of the marriage of her daughter, Mary Block to Sean Herman.


The St. Rose of Lima Dominican Chapel

Our chapel is the spiritual center of our campus and is a peaceful and quiet spot for rest and renewal. Church services for the Zanmi Beni community are held on a regular basis and it is a delight to hear the children singing in the choir.  The beautiful windows, depicting images of Haiti’s patron, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Blessed Pierre Toussaint, and five Dominican saints including St. Dominic and St. Rose of Lima were designed by Fr. Cristóbal Torres, OP and executed by Deborah Griffin.

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Our playground was made possible by a gift from the Miami Friends of Zanmi Beni.

The Children’s Playground

We are fortunate to have large outdoor space on our campus with plenty of room for exercise and play.  All of the children enjoy the colorful playground located in the center of the campus.  We hope to add a soccer field and a basketball court in the near future.


Made possible by gifts from Joey Adler and OneXOne, Operation Blessing, Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), and Duncan and Mary Dee.

Kitchen and Dining Hall

The children and staff are provided with nutritious meals that are prepared in our well-equipped kitchen.  The children enjoy and share mealtimes together in our dining hall.



Donated and built by Operation Blessing and named in memory of longtime disability rights advocate, Kay Luella Rose, mother of Bill Horan.

The Kay Luella Rose Dormitory

Centered around a spacious and bright courtyard and common space for recreation and conversation, this lovely new building houses the bedrooms, closet space and baths for our children who share either double or triple cheerfully decorated rooms.



Therapies Room

An array of services including physical and occupational therapy are offered in our Therapy Room.


The building and equipping of the bakery was a cooperative project made possible by the financial support, in-kind contributions, and hundreds of volunteer hours of many generous people. Special thanks Jose Andres and the World Central Kitchen, Gene Singletary, the Spilker family, Operation Blessing, Duncan and Mary Dee, PIH Canada, Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), Steven Fett and Laurie Nuell.

IMG_4340 bakery

Our state-of-the art bakery has been a wonderful addition to life at Zanmi Beni. It provides fresh and delicious bread to our children and staff each and every day.  Our products are sold in the community and our bakery provides jobs for the people in the local community and job training to staff and some of our older residents.  We also bake great cakes for birthdays and other festive occasions!


Made possible by a gift from Paul English.


“Eggs Beni” Chicken Coop

Our egg farm, home to 500 chickens, provides a good source of protein for our children.  We are currently selling about 1,000 eggs a day to the local community with plans to increase production and sales.


This large sustainability project is a collaborative venture between Operation Blessing and Zanmi Beni.

Fish Farms

Among the largest fish farms in all of Haiti, our fish farms grow both tilapia, a high protein food source, and a variety of ornamental fish that are sold throughout the United States.  Our home-grown tilapia is a staple in the diets of children and is sold throughout Haiti.


The restaurant is a joint venture between Operation Blessing and Zanmi Beni.

Pwason Beni Restaurant

Another of our income producing projects, the Pwason Beni restaurant, located just outside the main gates of our campus, is popular place for the local community to buy a nutritious and tasty meal. Each day, we sell hundreds of cooked meals, along with to-go orders of freshly harvested fish, freshly baked bread from our bakery, and eggs from our chicken farm.