Boulanjri Beni Bakery

IMG_4340 bakeryIMG_4338 Bakery, staff copyIMG_0604 chidren copyIMG_4011 Bakery copy

Our bakery is housed in a six hundred square dedicated space near the kitchen area.  Operated on a professional scale, the bakery is fully equipped with professional baking equipment including:

  • An 80 quart Hobart mixer
  • 2 Blodgett ovens
  • 3 door industrial refrigerators
  • Stainless steel preparation tables
  • Stainless steel cooling racks storage shelves

Eight professional bakers assisted by several apprentices work in the ZB bakery.  Open seven days a week, the baking takes place from 1am until 6am to prepare freshly baked products.  Our product line includes a wide variety of items including several different kinds of loaves, croissants, corn bread, empanadas, and cookies and cakes. We currently bake about six hundred pieces daily; half of which are used at ZB with the rest being sold locally.   Everyone who visits our campus raves about how delicious our bread is!!

Two of the teenagers that live at ZB work in the bakery and are learning professional baking skills.  We are working towards expanding our production capacity by adding a second baking shift and securing contracts for our bread products.